We can develop IT and Technology solutions for various sectors and industries. This includes web based, applications and software solution for businesses, academic institutions, government departments and large corporations..


See below types of tech solutions we provide:

Web Based Solutions

We develop websites and content management solutions (CMS) for businesses, companies, government, non-government organisation and academics institutions.


This includes:

  1. Simple websites for individuals, celebrities, charities/NGOs, businesses
  2. E-commerce websites for SME and corporations
  3. Online/E-Learning and E-Library web based solutions for academic institutions, government ministries and large corporations.

Commercial and Digital Solutions

We develop commercial and digital solutions to help individuals, businesses and corporations promote, sell, advertise and market their products and services. 


This include digital media solutions using popular social media outlets like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn and also online classified websites.


For example, we currently run and manage digital media services for several of our clients. This includes a host of charities, media and event hire mgt companies.

FinTech Solutions

We can also develop tech solutions to assist businesses, government ministries and large corporations in automating key financial, accounting, auditing, payroll and payment systems.


Our Pinnacle Finance division includes a team of very experience and seasoned chartered accountants with extensive experience implementing accounting, financing and payroll software such as Sage, QuickBooks and so on.

Asabi LearnTech Online Training

This is our eLearning platform for education and training which was designed specifically for individuals of all ages living and based in Sierra Leone and Sub-Sahara Africa. 



It includes our online revision courses and practice CBT exams designed for millions of students across West Africa preparing for various exams such as WASSCE, BECE, NPSE and so on.


Also included on the platform are online courses on ICT, Tech, Business & Career Development.


Check out Asabi Leantech website for more details (https://asabi.learntech.africa/)

Bespoke Tech Solutions

We can also develop various types of information and records management tech solutions to help businesses, companies, large corporations and governments institutions to properly and easily organise all their data and information so that it electronically accessible and secure.


This includes some of the followings:

  1. Developing digitisation and catalogue solutions for African government institutions and corporations
  2. Online student’s registration portals and database solutions for academic institutions 
  3. Employee records management solution for business and companies of all sizes.